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Staff, Volunteer Registration

Create your unlimited user accout to WIBO Academy.  Take any and all of the online courses, participate in the online forums and please add feedback and other resources to assist our WIBO grads with growing their businesses.

Welcome Staff, Volunteers and Board Members.  Please create your account for unlimited access to WIBO Academy.  Once you’ve created your account and it’s approved you will login by going to to the homepage of WIBO Academy and clicking login on the menu bar.

Once logged in you will have full access to the courses, aditional materials and forums of WIBO Academy.

Please choose a strong password that you will remember.  If you forget your password use the forgot password on the lgin page I cannot access your password or change it the system does this to maintain integrity.

Soon I will create the area and tools for Work Group Leader and Volunteers to create course that can be sold on WIBO Academy.  If you have an idea for a course look at the exisiting course and start laying out your course outline.

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