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Introduction – The Power of the Niche

Successful business owners online and off agree that “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” What is the most crucial element of preparing a business plan? You must first identify the niche or market you are going to enter.

Do this correctly and your business will not only match your passions, but it will also go a long way towards meeting all your financial needs. Unfortunately, some entrepreneurs rush headlong into starting a business before they have narrowed their niche market. That can be fatal to the success of your business in the long term.

Narrowing Down Your Niche

If you don’t narrow down your market significantly, you try to please too many people. This mass-market approach leaves you battling larger businesses that are already known as leaders in that particular field.

When choosing a niche for your business, you can also go too narrow. This can produce a very small client or prospect pool. So, even if you become a leader in your micro-niche, you may not earn enough to meet your financial needs.

This course was created to help you solve that “too wide” or “too narrow” market approach many entrepreneurs adopt.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Locate a market which perfectly matches your desires and skills
  • Identify a business which helps you meet both your financial and personal goals
  • Evaluate a niche for long-term profitability potential
  • Narrow your niche to find a market with medium to low competition
  • Identify products or services that would be a good fit for your niche
  • Monitor your niche and change as needed for ongoing success
  • Create an action plan for moving forward with your niche business

Successful niche marketing does not have to be a hit-or-miss proposition. You really can improve your odds of succeeding in business dramatically simply by following a proven niche selection process.

If you are ready to begin benefiting from smart niche market identification for long-term success and profitability, get started with your first learning activity before heading to the next module.

Learning Activity:

  1. List your current business niche or opportunities that you have been exploring if any.
  1. Write down your goals for completing the niche identification process you’ll be going through in this course.
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