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Lesson 4: Update Your Bio with Specifics

Your professional bio is more than just listing where you live and where you went to school. Your bio is a sure-fire way to build your credibility and authority in the short amount of time people read or scan it.

Start by listing your most recent accomplishments. Did you make the New York Times bestseller list? Are you an Amazon bestseller? Were you featured in a magazine or newspaper article? Were you a keynote speaker at a live event? Did you become an international speaker? Were you inducted into the Clickfunnels’ 2 Comma Club? Did you compete in a triathlon? Run your first marathon? Form a foundation to help your local community? These are just some examples of worthwhile achievements people want to know about.

If you graduated college 10+ years ago, that achievement should make its way toward the bottom of the list (even if you’re still proud to be an alum). People want to know what you are doing now or most recently, not where you were more than 10 years ago.

Do you have a title? Whether it’s a Dr. in front of your name or a series of impressive letters after your name, use that title in professional circles. It’s not bragging; it’s building your credibility and authority and proving to others you meet that you are educated and know what you’re talking about.

Why do you need a professional bio? You’re looking to grow your business and your credibility, right? So publishing a bio to your website tells masses of people all about you and why you’re an expert. Bios are also printed in event programs if you’re a speaker, and parts of it will be read by the interviewer when you’re giving an interview. Articles that you write and publish on other sites will likely include an author’s bio.

Professional bios that are published online also assist the media and anyone who may be searching for experts in your field. After doing a quick Google search and seeing your bio, they will know you’re the expert who can answer their questions or who can speak to their group.

In short, people want to learn more about you and your experience, so there’s no better way to inform the masses than creating a professional bio.

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