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As recently appointed CEO of the Workshop in Business Opportunity, Stephen has been active in the business community for more than 25 years as a professional, volunteer, and board member. Stephen brings a wealth of expertise with particular strengths in areas such as sales and marketing strategy and implementing new technologies that assist organization growth. Respected for helping organizations innovate, thrive, and grow, he is known for optimizing resources to achieve core mission by earning the confidence of key stakeholders and establishing a positive and enthusiastic corporate culture. Stephen has verifiable success in managing innovative initiatives, creating value-added programs, increasing organization visibility and, exceeding financial goals. Excellent communicator who engenders trust while steering teams of paid and volunteer personnel.

Stephen Jackson, Executive Director of Run2LIVE, Inc., and creator of the Healthy Lifestyle University (HLU), was like a growing percentage of people that struggled with maintaining good health. Over the years he consumed more processed prepackaged foods and exercised less which led to him earning the Triple Crown of Bad Health: High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure and in 2009 Type II Diabetes. Once Stephen was diagnosed with diabetes he chose to fight back as he decided he would not be on another medication. Stephen began by making changes to his diet and exercising more as he took long walks through the city. He cut back and in some cases eliminated sodas, ice cream, cakes and pies, and other high carb processed foods, and in 8 months Stephen’s blood sugar was normal.

Stephen along with his wife Jennifer started their first business an employee leasing firm in 1992. Drawing on their experience in technology, marketing and sales this groundbreaking employee leasing company grew into one of the largest employee leasing firms in the state. Before they sold the company in 1996 the company had grossed more than $4million in sales, managed more than 2,500 employees in the tri-state area and was the winner of the 1995 New York City Emerging Business Enterprise Award.

Stephen used his knowledge of Internet technology and marketing to create an Internet marketing company that built websites and implemented Internet marketing plans for businesses. Stephen Jackson built the 1st website for the Network Journal in 1996 making the publication the 2nd African American publication to have a web presence.

In 1996 Stephen was teaching companies how to successfully market on the Internet using principles that are now coined Social Media. Mr. Jackson showed companies how to use signature files in their emails, display their URL on all of their marketing material, and how to use chat rooms to find and qualify prospects and make sales.

In 2005 Mr. Jackson implemented the company’s 1st mobile marketing campaign during a national music tour and built his 1st app that ran on a PDA. Today Mobile Marketing and App design/development have become the extra ingredients that propel successful media campaigns. Stephen’s desire to think ahead of the curve has allowed him to create mobile tools and apps that make campaigns successful.

Stephen Jackson was profiled in the 1st technology issue of Black Enterprise in 1996 and Profiled in a book by Earl Graves, publisher of "Black Enterprise "titled "How to be Successful in Business Without Being White." Recently Stephen was quoted several times in an article about Using iPads for Business in the March 2012 edition of the New York Enterprise Report magazine.

Stephen has written several white papers, eBooks and reports on how to successfully implement social media and mobile marketing strategies and techniques and is the author of “Twitterworlds” the non-technical guide to using Twitter.

Stephen served on the board of the New York & New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council (The Council) as one 2 certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and he served as vice chair of the Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee (MBEIC) a committee of The Council that assist certified MBEs with capacity building and other business concerns.
Stephen is called upon to provide media consulting services for many of New York City’s largest unions as well as several New York City & State agencies
Stephen whose Twitter page lists him as an O.G. (Original Geek) has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from City College of New York School of Engineering.

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